Wedding Reminders

We want you to feel like your highest self on your big day. Here’s a list of preferences and recommendations for skin and hair prep, and things to consider to make your day run smoothly. 

Hair and skin hydration is a key component in assisting in elegant and well finished hair styles as well as glowing skin. We recommend a hair cut/trim and a conditioning treatment within three weeks of the wedding date. A facial should be done 1-2 weeks prior to the wedding. Keeping in mind that the skin can detox and have a break out after a facial, which will help prevent break outs from happening closer to the wedding day. Because of this we recommend 1-2 weeks prior to the wedding to allow time for this. 

Skin and vellus hair exfoliation will help for a smoother application especially with airbrush makeup. Makeup can build up and appear patchy on dry skin and vellus hair. Facial waxing or dermaplaning are great options to achieve this. An eye brow wax within this time frame is also helpful in achieving a clean makeup application the day of the event. This should be done 3 days to two weeks prior to the wedding. We do offer hair and skin care services in our studio, and can book your appointments now!

The day of the wedding clean, dry skin and hair is always best to cut down on time. We will always do the prep work for skin and hair, and some oils can actually interfere with the application of airbrush makeup. 

Aside from the deposit, service payments and tip can be checked out the day of. It is always an option to pay in advance to save time. Services can be paid in advance and add a tip % or you can choose to tip the day of in cash. When paying for services we do accept cards or exact change in cash. Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, and checks will not be accepted. 

If you choose to have an order for your group we can add appointments into our system in advance, or taking who is ready is always just as effective. Keep in mind certain makeup and hair styles may take more or less time than others. We typically recommend that the bride is somewhere in the middle of the line up so everything is fresh, but we are not rushing you at the end. 

Refresher/Check List:

-Choose if you would rather pay the day of or in advance.

-Clean/dry skin and hair.

-Book your hair, and skin care appointments.

-Choose which type of makeup is best for you(the whole party does not have to get the same type of makeup).

Airbrush or Traditional Makeup?

Airbrush VS Traditional Makeup

Which is best for me?

Many brides find themselves asking this question. Do not stress! I am here to help. It is a common misconception that one option is more “flawless” or that one lasts longer than the other. In fact as long as they are done correctly along with prep work and setting properties have been added; you will get maximum longevity out of either of these options. Both are also buildable and can have light to full coverage.

Airbrush makeup is water based, it is far less pore-clogging and therefore a great option for oily and acne prone skin. It can be extremely light and allow natural skin texture and freckles to show if desired! We do use a line diffuser as part of our prep work, however since this option does not settle down into the pores it can accentuate fine lines/wrinkles. Because of this we recommend traditional makeup for our mature skin. Dry or combination skin is not always the best candidate for airbrush makeup as the makeup can gravitate toward and build up on dry patches. 

A daily skin care routine as well as a facial 1-2 weeks prior to the event is HIGHLY recommended for either type of makeup, but is especially important for airbrush candidates with dry skin or many vellus hairs(fine hair found on the face and skin). Dermaplaning or full face waxing is extremely helpful 1-2 weeks prior to the event and can be paired with your facial. We do offer appointments within our studio located in North Canton, and can make recommendations for a daily skin care routine as well. 

Traditional makeup is a bit more well rounded when it comes to it’s hydrating properties, and pairs well with combination or dry skin. It can be a bit more pore-clogging especially the more “full coverage” you’re aiming for which is not usually a huge issue for a single day-wear, especially when cleansed and prepped properly.  Airbrush makeup tends to feel more light-weight. 

In conclusion both makeup options are great. We can work together to decide which option suites YOUR skin the best. 

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